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Design the future through Social Innovation

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We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

We are a network of forward-thinking individuals and organisations creating and adapting innovations for better livelihoods around the globe. We engage communities from the grassroots level with an emphasis on local agency and leadership. Our approach is needs-based and follows a flexible, modular design.
The Alchemist Hub is an emerging seed lab for sustainable innovation. How can we meet our basic needs with what we have available while achieving sustainable development goals? This question is the focus of our commitment. We work with social innovators, changemakers and committed citizens from all over the world.

Our Top Priorities

From Design thinking Sessions to Product Development for Social Innovation. From Art to Small-scale technologies for Communities. We are not getting tired of innovating, whereever it is needed.

Design Thinking Consultation

Join a session with the Alchemist Hub. We run you through a Design Thinking and Human Centered Design session.

Youth Leadership Skills

The Alchemist Hub gives trainings and sessions to empower our young leaders of tomorrow with the help of modern „out-of-the-box“ methods.

Climate Solutions

What products and businesses can be designed to tackle the climate change challenges?

Green Farming

Permaculture, Farming Innovations. When it comes to our food, there is much to add in this sector


Designing Solutions that serve the Environment and create a business impact at the same time. 

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